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i'm about 10,000 miles away from needing new tires for my F1 50 lariat 4 x 4 I'm considering two tires at this time but would be open to other selections. The two I'm considering are the Bridgestone all-terrain revo 2 in the Michelin LTX/AT2
My tire size is 275/65/18
I've had the revo on my Yukon and they are very good tires
A friend of mine has the Michelin's on his Chevy and he swears are the best tires he's ever had. I know Michelon has a great reputation I just don't have any experience with them. Unfortunately the Michelin don't come in a raised white letter because I really like the looks of the raised white letter against my platinum white F1 50. The Breakstone's come in a raised white letter. What do you all think
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