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Tires with factory wheels...

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It is about that time to throw a new set of tires on the truck.. I've been wondering what set to throw on there... My factory tires are the BFGoordrich Radial Long Trail T/A's (factory, not the originals, but is what came on it from the factory) in the factory size, P275/60R17... I'm not wanting to change the tire size... I don't need an off road tire, nor an all terrain tire.. Most I will go through is a dirt road... I don't mud bog in this truck, mostly b/c it's 2wd, and I don't feel like trying to make some kind of a pre runner out of it...
Anyway, given this info... I wonder what my best option might be...
1: go back with what I have
2: go with a set of Good Year Assurance fuel max
3: a set of Michelin X1's... Or is it just X.. My dad suggested these (it's what he
uses on his black '02 XLT...
4: other

Not sure how many folks will see this, but the more inputs, the better... Thanks :cool:
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I have Michelin's on my truck and love them! Despite the fact that they are a street tread and I do have a 4WD, they have been just fine on those rare occasions where I have used them off-road.
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