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Towing Questions

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Since i bought my f150 used i don't know if the towing package was included in the factory. I kinda think not because i only have the step bumper hitch on the truck. The owners manual says if the truck is not equiped with the towing package you can only tow 5000lbs. Does anybody know how accuate this is. My owners manual also says that for my truck. with the 5.4 engine 3.93 rear axel, super crew shortbed that it can tow 9300lbs.How do i determine if the towing package is added on.
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Easiest way to get that info is to contact Ford and ask for a build sheet. Just send them your VIN and they'll let you know pretty quick.

Here is what mine looks like...
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I have a 2007 F150 4X4 with the 5.4 engine and towing package. Can anyone tell me what the normal transmission temp should be towing around 5000 lbs under normal conditions about 65 MPH? GVW is 15,000 lbs, with truck and trailer around 9 or 10000 lbs.

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If there is a transmission cooler installed in front of the rad then you have the towing package.
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