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Trailer Brake Controller

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Hi I have a 2011 Lariat with tow package and bought the Ford TBC . I removed the console and trim panels per instructions and expected to find the wiring harness connected to the coin/storage tray , no such luck , nor was it located under the steering column . I did locate the harness under the seat still in the package along with the relay and fuse . My question is whether the dealership was supposed to wire it in since I bought the truck with Tow package ? 7 prong plug , 4 prong plug and factory trailer hitch as required for easy mounting of TBC .
Thanks for any advise or answer to my question !
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If its not behind the coin tray it has to be taped on the right hand side of the obd2 connecter. My truck never even came with the tow package and I still have a plugin so for sure you have one too
And the harness under the seat is only used when you install an aftermarket trailer brake controller. Just installed mine yesterday,
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