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had some work done to my 05 and now having some issues. any help or advice would be great. it was having trouble getting in and out of gear at 40 mph or over. no issue at low speeds
i brought it to a local mechanic that runs his own shop. he never called me to tell my what he thought it was but went ahead and replaced and installed
shift kit
tcc control valve
main solinod pressure valve
trans over haul kit
heavy duty converter
merc trans fluid.

the truck is now leaking trans fluid and puking it out of the dip stick and shutters like crazy when over 45 mph under load (up hill). never did this before. and it smell like the trans is burning up. all of this is a little more work than i can do in my driveway without a lift and dont have much background on this kind of repair.
what do you think he did wrong and what should i check to fix it:confused:
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