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I have a 2006 F150 Ext Cab pickup with a 4.6 V8 and Automatic Overdrive Transmission

Over the last 2 months there have been several instances where I would start the truck up and there would be a Trans Fault in the LCD display and the “Overdrive Off” light would be flashing.

When this happens there is only a very remote throttle response in all the moving gears. But in Park & Neutral the throttle response is normal.

I have noticed that this happens after a drive & then a short

stop. After a few times of this happening the check engine light came on. I took it to a Auto Repair

shop that I trust and they Changed the Transmission Fluid & Changed the Transmission Filter. They

Inspected the Inside of the Transmission for mechanical Wear or Damage and found none. They tried to

get it to do the same for them;but,to no avail. Checked the Check Engine codes. Got about 17

transmission codes. They cleared the codes and asked me to bring it back. I havnt yet ;but it went about 2 weeks before repeating this;without the check engine light.

I noticed that time that ;even though I shut it off ; after a few minutes that the tach jumped a little in the ccw direction.

I started the truck and the Trans Fault as well as the Flashing OD Off light was gone.

Another five days passed .Done it again. Out of the Blue as always.I did notice that ; if I disconnect the battery for 20 seconds, itresets the alarms as well and goes back to normal.

I thought it was the transmission at 1st ;but, its normal at all other times so I am convinced it is not the transmission.

Help would be greatly appreciated............

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Several things can cause this to happen. Low transmission fluid levels, overheating, bad thermostat, and so on. To be sure of the exact issue you need to get the codes its providing.


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Well 1st........thanks for the response

I took it to my brothers last weekend and everything seemed normal until I got up Sunday morning and packed it for the trip home and it pulled it again except we tried all day toget it to reset andnothing doing.

He has a code reader so we ulled the follows

743 - Torque Conv Electrical
755 - Shift Solenoid
962 - Pressure Conrol Solenoid A pressure Low

Not wanting a $450 tow bill I left it in my brothers hans and returned home to go back to work.
He put a new shift solenoid pack in and a new trans wiring harness (since he was in there and a fellow at Napa said that happened to his.)Coulnt get hands on a torque Converter solenoid though.

Seemed to be fixed with no codes.

He drove it around alot and it seemed to fix it. so after a few days I went and got it and started home (120 miles)Made it about 5 0r 6 miles climbing a pretty steep grade and the Trans Fault came on and so did the OD Off Light Blinking.

only this time I did appear to have some throtle (enough to keep it moving)after a little while they went off and for the next 20 miles or so on & off about 3 times.

In Dark territory; far as cell phones concerned, and not sure if I could go again if I stopped; I kept going.
It came on again and stayed ; the transmission slipped a litte now and then and even jerked a couple times. and I drove it that way for 70 miles into cell phone territoy.

Now in Broadway,Va ; all a sudden the Trans Fault went off as well as OD Off Light quit Flashing. and it drove normally the rest of the way home.

I have driven it to work (7 miles one way) and been staying close to home. everything appears normal;but, the way it always acts up out of the blue.

Any Thoughts ?
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