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Transmission & Oil Changes

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I have 3000 miles on my 2012 F150 with the Eco Engine. I noticed that when the truck shifts from 2nd to third I can feel it each time. The rest of the gear ranges are fine. Is this normal?

Lastly, the manual says the computer monitors the engine for oil changes. I know it monitors usage percentage, but does it monitor the months as well?

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Ford's oil monitor system is designed to keep you aware of the status of the vehicle’s engine oil and will alert you when it's time for an oil change.

An electronic system monitors the engine operating conditions including temperature and engine revolutions as well as mileage and time since the last oil change. Your message center will then periodically notify you regarding the percent of oil life remaining as well as when the oil needs to be changed.

All of this is designed to help prevent premature engine wear by notifying you of exactly when the oil needs to be changed. It also saves you time and money by avoiding unnecessary oil changes.
Thanks Mac. Just talked with the dealer and you are right on.
Happy to help!

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