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Trying to hook up subs but stuck.

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OK so here is my delema, i have a 2004 F-150 super crew and i am trying to hook up 2 12' subwoofers under my back seat. i have the box and bench seat spacers already but the problem i have is if i am able to just buy a converter for the stock headunit or if i have to buy a new head unit. i know the 04' lariat supercrew had a upgraded sound package were subs came with it. so like i said my question is if i have to change headunits or if i can splice wires an get a converter. thanks for the help guys.
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re-Q is what you need

The re-Q made by MTX is what you need. It is a in line converter that senses bass drop off and the wiring matches your factory harness. A perfect piece for the do-it youselfer. It is ideal for Bose, Infinity< and Ford audio systems.

I know it is a old post but hope it will help in the future.:D
you can buy an inline converter. its a small box that you splice into the nearest speaker, it converts it to RCA's, run your power, ground, and remote wire (the remote wire, i would suggest fusing it, and running it through a switch, so you can turn it off by a button, if thats not an option, i would suggest using an ignition wire somewhere, but switches are best) then connect your amp accordingly, make sure you switch the LPF on on your amp, otherwise you will be getting all notes through your subs, the LPF switch built into the amp will make it to where it only sends through lower freq. and will perform much, much better. PM me for more details and i can give you a better idea, if its still needed.
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