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On my '03 F-150 with 5.4 (2wd), I'm wanting to get a tuner for it, but out of all the ones that I've seen, I'm not sure which maybe my option... I will not mind if a display screen remains mounted in the truck, at this point in time, I'm mostly looking to increase fuel milage... Only mod that I've really done is adding a BBK throttle body it's part #1703... I've had to change a few things as far as replacement parts, but this is the only true mod to the truck... I thought about doing a cold air induction, but not gotten to it as of yet. The only exh mod is adding a Flowmaster 50 series delta flow muffler, otherwise... So, any ideas as to what might my best idea? I kinda like this one, but.... It's probably the highest priced tuner there is for this truck: Edge Gas Evolution CTS Programmers 85250.... :cool:
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Check out this thread...

Thanks for the link Mr Mac. As far as the intakes, then I'm sure you could imagine my next question.... Change just the filter, of the whole thing (IE cai kit)? As for the oil, since mine holds as much as it does, I change mine about every 4k instead of 5k, also use syn blend, and a Wix filter, or one made by Wix...
The addition of a CAI kit can only help matters as it is a more direct way to get air in to the engine. Typically car makers create a labyrinth of tubing in an effort to help silence the air flow to the engine and that only slows things down and allows for heat build up. Reducing the amount of plumbing in any way can manifest itself in overall fuel savings. Yes, even just a better breathing filter (like K&N) help.

Good luck and let us know what you decide and include lots of pictures!

I hope you all do not mind me posting url links, but these are purely for reference, not an attempt of any kind to get someone to buy any of this, ect, heck I want make any money off of any of it, so... LOL. Anyway, as I had said, this is the throttle body I installed:

Heck of a link... Anyway, I'm wondering what might be the best, or better, CAI kit out there, this is what BBK lists for my truck:
CAI Kit:[]=1570&car_motor_key[]=1611&car_motor_key[]=1615
Any ideas on changing pulleys, this probably wouldn't affect fuel milage at all, might free up a horse power or two, in my case probably just make it look a little better... But just something to throw out there I guess...
Pulley kit:[]=1570&car_motor_key[]=1611&car_motor_key[]=1615

As for the exhaling abilities, this is what I was thinking about running, but right now I don't have the funds to get all this....
Exh Kit:
And of course to hold 'em on:

It all looks nice, and it's some money, just wondering what the out come might be... Ideas, thoughts, ect? :cool:
Wow, that is a chunk of change to be sure! Still, with those mods you should be able to gain a few horse power and torque points! Do understand that an engine that breathes better runs better and you should be happy with the end results.

Power gains, however, do not equal gains in fuel economy. Horsepower requires fuel and economy requires less fuel so don't kid yourself into thinking that the mods you plan will help with your gas mileage. Ford tunes your engine to run as lean as possible without sacrificing the power needed to get the big thing out of its own way.

Another factor in this is the truth (according to Mac, anyways). In my experience, when someone modifies an engine to create more power (HP and torque) then that person rarely, if ever, keeps his foot off the accelerator enough to realize any kind of increase in gas mileage. ;) But they sure are fun to drive!
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Yeah, it's a bit of money indeed, but less than what I got in my project car, not a Ford... There are times that I get on my truck, where I live sometimes you don't have much of a choice, you either move or get ran over... Otherwise, I try and take it easy when I can, and it does decent. My project, once on the road, well, let's just say it would be an EPA nightmare rofl :D. It's got a carb on it which happens to be a Holley 850 double pumper.
I saw this:

And wonder if maybe I could get the above mentioned cai kit to work with this hood... An idea I guess...
If I read it correctly, the hood and included adapter are all you need for this to be a true CAI system. Best bet, to be sure, is to ask the seller. Aside from that, I love the look of that hood! Too bad they don't have one for my '04!
Yeah, I too like the look of it. Lot better than the factory flat hood, lol. I'll end up having to ask the seller if they know the answer to this question...

Now I got another question to ask, and it does effect fuel milage, but first, I'm gonna see if there's another post about it or not.. Otherwise, guess I'll end up starting another topic not dealing with tuners (and as this thread has turned into, CAI and such)...

**Msg sent to the seller, now to play the waiting game and see what they say...
Well, here's their reply about the hood:

"We checked out the link of BBK and the cold air box seems to be at the same location as the factory.
So yes the hood will be functional, the hole at the bottom of the hood will allow the outside air to blow right ontop of the new BBK filter. You will not be using the small adapter we normally supply with the hoods."

I wonder what kind of an improvement could be had this way.....
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