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Turn signal indicators

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I have a new 2012 F150 SuperCrew XLT. I love the truck but the pinging of the turn signal indicator drives me nuts. Can someone tell me how to turn down that volume. I figure if you can turn of the seat belt chime and stuff like that, there must be a way to lower that volume...

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I don't think there is any way to decrease the volume per se, though I have read of some folks tearing in to the dash to muffle the speaker or just remove it altogether. That said, of those who tried to muffle it decided it wasn't worth the effort of tearing in to the dash to do just that.
There is not a speaker or a flasher for the blinkers, there is a module inside the gauge cluster that the sound comes from. I took my gauge cluster out to see if I could pinpoint the noise, with the cluster out I tried the blinkers and they worked, but no noise.
its the same thing that make the belt reminder noise
Well guys,I got tired of hearing these loud blinkers and I took my gauge cluster out again to see if there was anything I missed the first time I had it out, and what I found was there is a speaker in the back-side of the cluster, it's on the left side, so I took the cluster apart and took the speaker out ! Nice and quiet. If you don't want to take the speaker out, you could just put some foam down in the hole where the speaker sets to muffle the sound.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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