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Turn signal/Parking light access (95 F150)

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After removing the two retaining screws on top of the lens cover assembly, the unit will not disengage freely... any hints? The Chilton's Repair Manual doesn't elaborate...
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Front Turn Signal and Parking Lights

  1. Remove the headlamp assembly attaching screws.
  2. Pull the headlamp assembly out and disconnect the parking lamp socket from the headlamp body.
  3. Replace the bulb.
  4. Installation is the reverse of removal.

1: Remove the screws from the rear of the rear light lens

2: Lower the tailgate, then remove the retaining screw from the rear lens
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Turn signal lamp replacement

I actually read your post last year and didn't reply. Wanted to thank you for your interest in helping me try to resolve this issue. The directions you supplied are word for word from Chilton's repair. They don't elaborate enough to help me figure out how to disengage the lens assy enough to gain access to the socket. Since the manual doesn't supply photo or diagram, I'm not even sure I'm removing the correct two screws.
My wife has the truck today but I'll see if my son can snap a couple of pictures of the screw locations for you (unless Bob [a.k.a. Takeda] reads this and can take a picture on his 2005).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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