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Value of 1992 Ford F150

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We own a 1992 Ford F150 in pristine condition, garage kept with 85,000 miles, tow package and remote start. Unfortunately, the vehicle's electronics were damaged in Hurricane Sandy and we are now trying to make a settlement with the insurance company. There is not a mark on this truck either inside or out. Even the adjuster complimented us on the excellent condition and cleanliness. Can anyone tell me what is the value of our truck. We would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum and, sorry about the truck. Good thing is, trucks are easy to replace!

Without much to go on (regular/super cab, trim level and options), a base level F-150 Custom in that kind of condition retails at about $3,000. I would need more info to go past that. A well optioned XLT goes for about $3,500.

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