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Wrangler Vs. The World

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We have all done it. Whether it is rain, snow, high winds, etc., if you drive long enough you will drive in bad weather, it is inevitable. So, when the really bad weather sets in (like severe thunder storms with heavy rain or snow storms) why is it that some people continue to drive as though the laws of physics just simply don't apply to them?

Yesterday the Midwest was hit with another winter storm that dumped more than a foot of snow (no, not a lot compared to some places but a lot for this area) on the ground in less than 12 hours. I had to drive from St. Louis down to Harrisburg, IL to be at work yesterday morning. Despite the fact that we own a Jeep Wrangler and an F-150 4WD we are smart enough to know that slow and steady usually means you have to spend less money later to get your car/truck pulled out of a ditch somewhere.

It took me just over four hours to drive the 170 miles and only 100 of it was in the snow. When I got to the particularly nasty stuff I slowed down and took my time. Only a few miles did I even have to worry about using 4WD but I was sure glad I had it when I needed it!

Still, I cannot count the number of knuckleheads who passed me like they owned the road only to see them a few miles later spun out and stuck in the monstrous piles of snow shoved off to the side by the plows! I suppose that's my consolation in all this knowing that they may now understand that it doesn't matter if you have 4WD and snow tires, it doesn't matter if you have a FWD or AWD vehicle, when you hit ice at more than 50 mph you're probably headed for a ride that is going to cost you both time and money.

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